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Welcome to Xiamen LianYi Printing Co., Limited.

When It Comes to Packaging Boxes & Shopping Bags Custom Manufacturing, We Are Absolutely The Expert In China.

Hello, thanks for visiting our company site. We are Xiamen LianYi Printing Co., Limited, a medium-size company which is built in 2007, specializing in the manufacturing of custom corrugated packaging box as well as paper shopping bags in China. Equipped with the state-of-the –art facilities and high skilled employees, we are one of the best quality supplier in China, and own a good name in the industry.

When merchandisers are buying paper bags, or custom corrugated cardboard packaging boxes from China, the most import thing needs to be considered is the suppliers’ manufacturing capability.  This is really so important, as you may lose money if your suppliers are not qualified. For example, If you’re looking for paper shopping bags in China, you can easy find out lots of suppliers from Shenzhen, Shanghai, Yiwu, Xiamen, Guangzhou…., but not every is factory supplier, this is concern to the price. Also, not every factory supplier is qualified. WE ARE 100% A FACTORY SUPPLIER with nearly 10 years experience. At Xiamen LianYi Printing Co., Limited, we have a philosophy called “QUALITY. PRICE. SERVICE. DELIVERY”. Our clients are very satisfied with our quality and we work with most of them for many years, one of which is Emirates Airline. 

Anyway, no business is big or small, let’s build our relationship step by step, and we welcome your visit to our factory any time. Just feel free to contact us today through elva.he@xmlianyi.com if you have inquiries. Thanks for your time. 

Your Trusted Project Partner in China